Great White II - Fishing Alderney

Fishing in Alderney (extract from Visit Alderney)

See website, from a document availble for download called 'Fishing Alderney' - Great White II can offer fully inclusive packages at very competitive rates for Local or Channel Island based Multi Day Trips.

Fishing Alderney

The Novice Angler

Alderney is the ideal place for a novice to start sea angling, simply because there are plenty of fish to be caught. There are easy marks to fish from which provide comfort and have easy access. However, it is recommended that advice be taken as to where these marks are, before venturing onto any platform for the sake of safety. A small bit of local knowledge goes a long way! You can expect to catch with ease on float or lure, Pollack, Garfish, Wrasse and who knows you might just surprise yourself and others, if you manage to hook a Bass.

The local tackle shop offers a guiding and tuition service with two hour lessons for both children and adults. Longer sessions are available and start from £10, which includes bait and tackle. You can expect to learn Float fishing and Lure techniques and if you are an early riser then try a morning plugging session for Bass. General shore fishing is also taught for Conger Eels, Bream and such like.

The Experienced Angler

For the more experienced angler the variety of fish on offer is simply fantastic. Some of the best fishing is in the autumn where bigger Bass come closer to the shoreline. Double figure fish are caught frequently. Black Bream and Thick Lipped Mullet shoal up in huge numbers in the bays and rocky outcrops as they migrate from their summer grounds in the UK. Bream to 4lb are frequently caught from September with the best fish at a staggering 5lb.

Some of the largest shore caught Sole have come from Alderney’s sandy coves and beaches with fish up to 5lb. Alderney too has a very good population of Ballan Wrasse. These colourful fish are in good numbers and regularly caught to a weight of 6lb

Fishing through the Seasons

Autumn brings good Conger Eel. Rays are also fairly regular visitors with Blonde Rays being the most common. Small Eyeds, Undulates and Spotted Rays are also visitors. Alderney is one of the few places in the UK where you have a realistic chance of catching Tope. October 2004 saw the current Channel Island Record caught at 50lb 8oz.

The winter fishing sees much of the same with a lull in March before the spring and summer seasons begins. It is at this time of year that the light rods come out with plenty of lure fishing for Bass, Pollack, Mackerel, and for the experts, fly fishing for Mullet and Bass from several of the forts’ causeways.

Fishing with light rods, floats, spinners or lures provides much fun, seeking out these predatory fish amongst the hush and tranquillity, in the sunshine on any of Alderney’s headlands flanked by one of the many sandy bays.

A Touch of the Exotic

Several unusual and exotic species are seen off of the rocky shores of Alderney. Regular catches of Red Mullet, Red Gurnards, Couches Sea Bream, Bull Huss, Codling, Plaice, Golden Grey Mullet and Smoothhounds. The rarer Gilthead Bream, Pandora’s Bream, Coalfish, and Triggerfish all provide an uncertainty as to what you could catch next.


Multi Day Charter Fishing

Great White II can arrange customised multi Day Charter Fishing within the 60 mile license held by the Boat. Prices are very much dependent on the customer requirements and trips can be arranged to match the Target Species / Anglers wishes. This can be back to back local day charters or a visit to one of the Channel Islands such as Alderney to target huge Bass and Turbot. The Skipper is open to most proposals and can offer a diverse range of both fishing and species on offer, e.g. Wrecking (both on the Anchor and Drifting) Bass (Drifting, on Anchor and Inshore) Tope, Smoothound, Trigger Fish, Wrasse, Plaice, Turbot, Lure Fishing, Conger Fishing, Inshore Reefs, Sand Banks, Solent, Isle of Wight, Selsey, French Banks, Utopia, Blonde Ray, Spurdogs . . . the list goes on and on.

The skipper is happy to arrange your accomodation to best match your budget, although in some curcumstances a seperate contract with the accomodation vendor may need to be agreed with the requesting party.

We will always try and get you the best deal available.