Great White II - Inshore Fishing

Inshore Fishing East Solent & East of Wight

Inshore fishing off the Hampshire Cost includes the English Channel waters close to the east side of the Isle of Wight, Nab Tower, Portsmouth, Gosport, Solent and back down to Selsey and beyond.

Inshore fishing East Solent & East of Wight (Isle of Wight) can be very product both in the summer months with Bass, Bream, Smoothound, Plaice and Wrasse, and into the Winter months where Big 'Mud Pigs' (Skippers name for Large Cod) Codling, Whiting and Pouting. Oh there's also a good head of Conger on a number of the inshore marks too.

Indeed our Inshore fishing is so prolific in the winter that a short steam out to the fishing grounds around the Nab Tower (Nab channel buoys and surrounding area) will put us on good numbers of Cod well into double figures, Codling, Whiting and Pouting - although you'll never see the skipper fishing with a bait that a Pouting would take, unless he wanted one for a Conger / Mud Pig (Cod) bait that is. (see more detail in our Winter Cod section)

Bream Fishing Inshore off East of Wight

In recent years we have seen an increase in the numbers of Plaice and we frequently take a break during the Bass fishing over slack water to top up the cool boxes with plump spotties. We often see most anglers take double shots of fish over the 1lb mark and would expect most anglers to take fish on every drift, if not 3 or 4 fish when the going is very good.

The use of a 15gm Spoon in conjunction with some brightly coloured beads seems to be most rewarding with a small 4oz cannon ball weight more than enough on most occasions to ensure the baits are worked along the bottom where the Plaice are weighting in good numbers. We'll often see Turbot and the very odd Brill show when the weather's good.

If not drifting many of the marks will produce Smoothound, Spurdog, Rays and Bream to relevant tactics whilst on the anchor .

Bass fishing the Overfalls and the French Banks are our most popular Summer Charter Days, with Bass consistently showing in good numbers we're almost embarrassed with amount of good Bass fishing we have, but we don't have to go that far off shore to find good sized Bass, or indeed Bass in big numbers. With Marks such as 'The Blocks' and East and West Winner Banks at the Entrance to Langstone Harbour to name just a few - clearly there's many more and many better, but we'll discuss that on the way out to the grounds! If the weather a bit 'snotty' we can find plenty of fishing inshore.

We've also a number of inshore wrecks such as the Theofano at Deal Tail 50 43.080N 000 59.549W , who's cargo of concrete had set by the time any salvage attempts had started, not good for some but great for finding shoals of Mackerel for bait in summer. The wreck itself is packed with small Pollack, Pouting and Wrasse (Whiting and Codling can be found around the wreck in winter)

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