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Great White Skippers News

BFM Barham Goes Bass'in

05 September 2012

Dave Barham and the Boat Fishing Monthly team joined up with a few of my regulars along with Rob and Lloyd from for some summer Bass on the Drift.

We took a small number of Bass on the morning tide but mostly the going was hard, with an average of a single Bass per drift. Over the top of the tide we drifted for Plaice and most had a fish or two each drop, with the Spotties showing the same form they have all season.

With flat calm seas and one of the best days of summer, we extended the fishing fishing picked up with the tide later in the day. Our reward was a good late run of Bass for eveyone.

In total we put about 70 Bass on the Boat to go along with the earlier Plaice, Jim M even managed a nice plump Cod on a Savage Sand Eel. It was nice to see a lot of fish going back, with a few kept for the table. A great day had by all.

© 2012, Sean, Great White II Charters


Great White Skippers News

Nephew Lands Nice Plaice

04 July 2012

Nephew of Great White II lands a fine ‘Spotty’.

The plaice East of Wight continue to show in good numbers in what has become a very good season for Flatfish out of Langstone Harbour.

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